Dops - Kit of 12 brass dops (4 V, 4 flats, 4 conics), with a dops-support numbered both in mm and inches (complete kit from 2mm to 1’ with 36 dops is available (see picture) so as spare dops).
Price for 36 dops: US$ 160,00

Bivolt Speed Control (converter AC 110-220 volts / CC 24 volts) with graduated knob from 0 to 3.500 rpm and permanent torque even in slow speeds. It allows you cut and polish at different speeds in the same machine. Polycarbonate panel with on-off switch button, led; built-in fan; 110-220V switch button; electrostatic white painting on steel plate. It is built inside the portable bench. Motor is a ½ HP CC 24 V.

Lamp: Architect style with pressure claws fixation, for halogen 15w lamp (not included).

Coaxial motor system: The end of belts, pulleys and vibrations. The exclusive Lapidart aluminum splash pan with plastic cover and water drain has a built-in stainless steel axis set with a pair of shielded bearings. This system is linked to a powerful Bosh ½ hp (350 watts) micromotor axis and refrigerated by an external cooler. This is a compact, safe and silent system.

Cooling system: Plastic tank with a steel support, needle drop microregister and flexible hose.

Pipe: For table polishing. It can be used in 45 or 90 degrees adapted in the quill.

Faceting lap: Faceting diamond electroplated lap: 1.000 grid (for faceting) mounted on an extra light aluminium master lap. Optional: For gems calibrating we suggest a 180 grid lap for quartz or 280 to 400 for beryl, tourmalines etc. (US$ 40,00 each).

Cips: Cips: You can memorize the main cutting degrees by fixing the clips in the arch, up and down. It helps the cutter to cut many calibrating stones at the same angles with no reminding mistake at all.

Table faceter: Table faceter: It is set in the mast to cut the gem table. Built in polished aluminium with brass knob and guide-pin for correct dop direction.
Optional: US$ 100,00.

18 shapes. (1 heart, 1 square, 1 trillion, 4 ovals, 3 navetes (boat shape), 4 rectangulars and 4 pear shapes)

Microtorch - Essential for heating the wax and gluing the gems on the dops.
Fed with Butane lighter gas (not available for export).
(It`s part of the kit 3 x 1 only).

Diamond paste: 14.000 mesh in a 5 ml syringe.
Clean work and bright polishing.

Wax: Kit with 3 sticks. Used to stick the gems on the dops, the Lapidart wax has high viscosity and avoids the stone comes unfastened during the stone cutting. Its exclusive stick shape facilitates the collage on the dop and avoids wastes.

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